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medical software development based on deep domain expertise (see more below)

Custom Software Development Services

for urologists, ObGyns, clinics, hospitals, and medical equipment makers

Custom Developed Medical Software based on deep domain expertise

Medical Technology Change

Today's medical technology world changes constantly and the massive volume of information at our fingertips grows at an ever-increasing rate. Medical organizations juggle massive amounts of data, and more often than not teams are restricted by what their information tools can deliver and the information they can access. These restrictions are occasionally caused by regulatory/HIPAA issues, but are more often caused by the limitations of current software.

How we will develop your software

At BHN, we address the questions your staff think about almost every day. What if I could share this data with my nurses/doctors/med techs/staff? What if I could determine how this information relates and make better decisions based on those relationships? What if I could show my doctors the results within seconds? What if I could automate this so it can be done in seconds rather than hours? What if this report were available on nurses' and doctors' Smart Phones rather than on paper?

We work hard to understand your business, and more importantly we get to know your problems and people. We help you answer your business, process and budget questions, and once we help you answer your questions we will use our domain expertise and software development skills to craft a solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

Our Software Development Experience

We have developed numerous medical applications, work-flow management systems, HIPAA compliance tools, medical/patient databases and more, every one tailored to the unique needs of each clinic/hospital/equipment maker. We are not a one-size-fits-all software developer; we work with your team to create databases, websites, and mobile apps that fit exactly what your medical practice needs.

What do our customers say?

I was amazed at how rapidly your team developed this software using your rapid application development process. I thought it was going to take months, but you were done in 5 weeks. You were able to show us an initial prototype in 2 weeks, which really helped us refine our requirements and thinking. We will definitely be using your services again in the future.

--Hospital Administrator for regional hospital in Alabama