Turn-key Urodynamics Testing and Urodynamics Staffing

We offer urodynamics staffing and comprehensive urodynamics testing (which includes equipment, staffing, software, & supplies)

urodynamics nurse staffing

Urodynamics Staffing Solutions

We provide staffing solutions for clinics and hospitals looking for qualified nurses that have extensive experience in urodynamics, anorectal manometry, urology, urogynecology, and gynecology. If you need experienced staff that can start right away without training, we are your solution.

Laborie urodynamics equipment

Comprehensive Urodynamics Solutions

Urodynamics equipment is expensive, and properly performing a urodynamics test can be difficult. We provide complete urodynamics solutions whereby we bring the staff, equipment, software, and supplies to your location to perform the tests. We can even interpret the tests too. This makes it simple for you.

anorectal manometry air charged catheter

Anorectal Manometry Solutions

Anorectal Manometry testing fits well within endoscopy centers, ObGyn practices, and gastroenterology practices. We give you the ability to deploy anorectal manometry without purchasing the equipment or training your staff. We make it easy and hassle free, and our staff does an exceptional job.