anorectal manometry software solutions

specialized software for every aspect of your ARM lab (see more below)

Web-based Anorectal Manometry Software Solutions

Robust software to meet your clinic's or hospital's needs

BHNPortal® central hub for managing your ARM operations

BHNPortal® is a web-based software system that serves as your central “hub” for managing and optimizing your anorectal manometry (ARM) operations. Advanced scheduling, patient notification tools, on-line patient portal resources, report management, analytics and reimbursement tracking, desktop integration, and mobile application interfaces are just a few of the powerful features included in this system.

Your ARM operations will run more smoothly and your patients will be better served by using ARMPoral.

ARMAnalysis® ARM interpretation and data management system

When it comes to the process of interpreting rectal manometry data, BHN has set the standard with its ARMAnalysis software system. This ARM analysis platform provides physicians with a comprehensive view of their interpretation pipeline allowing them to streamline the process of compiling comprehensive interpretation reports. The system provides unmatched precision and efficiency in assessing urodynamic data, developing comprehensive treatment plans, and assisting with billing compliance. Reports can be imported directly into existing EMR systems or routed electronically to referring physicians using secure encryption technology. An iOS application is also available for truly “mobile” interpretation management.

By using ARMAnalysis, your interpretation process will be more efficient and you will spend less time on ARM interpretation. More efficiency leads to higher profits. In addition to saving time, your documentation quality will increase substantially which will help with your compliance requirements.

ARMConsole® ARM data collection and diagnostics software

ARMConsole serves as the heart of BHN’s technology anorectal manometry (ARM) platform by establishing a secure connection between ARM testing equipment and BHN’s web-based software tools. ARMConsole is a stand-alone application used by care providers during diagnostic testing and provides tools for conducting qualified symptom questionnaires, managing patient data, notating key findings, documenting CPT® codes, and securely uploading all information to BHN’s ARMDATA® server for later review and documentation by ordering physicians or interpretation providers.

ARMConsole® will ensure your data is secure and all nurses and medical technicians follow the proper ARM protocols.

What do our customers say?

We have just begun using your ARM software, and we are already seeing a big impact. The quality of our data and reports has improved significantly. Additionally, I am able to use your software platform to connect to and leverage expert ARM interpreters that can help me when I am overly busy.

--Gastroenterologist in small GI Practice in Washington, D.C.